Vincent Beers

I do a lot of things

Front-end web design, user experience design, concepting and prototyping, music for games, Japanese, video games...

Who am I?

A Dutch student. I combine the technical (coding) with the creative (design).

I like, and have experience, with:


Studied IT for two years at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
Now studying Digital Media and Communication at the Hogeschool Utrecht.


Web Design

Web sites that I have either designed, coded or both (mostly in either pure HTML or a CMS like WordPress and Drupal).


Since I've made my own games and have done two years of software engineering at university, I have some coding skills. I have experience with the following languages.


A minor offered by the Hogeschool Utrecht.

Co-design Studio is a minor I followed at the Hogeschool Utrecht.

Focus is on user-centered design. In fact, the user is involved as much as possible in the design process, which is very beneficial for the resulting product.

Project 1: Zodiac Aerospace


The briefing, in short: find something new to do with the airplane kitchen area for flight companies that don't use it. Our team aimed towards improvements for elderly people. We ended up getting solutions that would benefit everyone.

Every step of the way, generative design tools were used. To interview people, but also involve them a lot more deeply.

The generative techniques allowed us to brainstorm, get information and and create solutions together with the end user, making the final concept and product all that much more relevant and strong.

Dutch Design Week


This construction was put on a car and drove around for a while!

Our goal: to design and build something to put on top of a car! The cars drove around as taxis during the Dutch Design Week in 2013.

Since it was going to drive around on top of a car, the construction had to be really solid, too. Since we decided to make a sand castle with real sand, this proved to be a challenge, but we managed to do it with lots of wood glue!

The aim was to design something that will make people wonder what it's all about. The taxis were free and would bring you to the location of the Dutch Design Week.

Project 2: Touchpoints

Saving energy in neighbourhood Vondelparc


Aim: to find a way to have people in the Utrecht neighbourhood Vondelparc use less energy.

A new generative research tool was used: the context map, which means we gave interviewed people instructions they can follow on their own time. These instructions can be given in the form of a booklet, but we used an experimental app called ContextmApp that let us receive the gathered data quickly and easily, as well as regulate when they received the tasks.

Integral in this project was persuasive design: the practice of changing the design to motivate people to do things differently. Think landscaping, where the environment will influence how people will act. Or games to make people do things they normally don't like.

The final result was an extension of the app provided with smart energy meters, which is intended to motivate people more to start saving. It uses a system of short-term rewards.

Project 3: Zodiac, revisited

The final and longest project.


Six weeks. That's how long we got. This time, each team got their own client and own assignment. Ours went back to Zodiac Aerospace in order to develop a more concerete concept out of all the concepts from all the teams in project 1.

As the final project, we received the least amount of guidance (whereas the first project was guided fully). This means we were tested and could polish our knowledge on everything we learned up to that point, and it gave us freedom to try out things we still wanted to try.

In the first three weeks, we mostly did some research, and a lot of prototyping.

We invited people over in order to test out the ideas we had.

As we ended up focusing too much on product design and not really having many good ideas even after all of this, the second half of the project consisted a lot more of creating a feasible concept built around the user experience. Aim was to get stressed people in a more calm state of mind once they enter the plane.

A video of part of what the final concept became (made by teammate Jurgen).

Skills developed curing Co-Design: