Web design

WordPress site: M Group

Look at the website design

A website made during my internship at Green2B. The design has been anonymized as it is still a work in progress at Green2B and related parties.



The design of this website is old and not representative of my current work and capabilities.

A new version of the website will be made once I actually manage to have the time for it (because of college & my part-time job).

Web design

Internship: Green2B

I did an internship at the company Green2B, where I really gained a lot of skills making good-looking websites based on WordPress. I made and improved several websites, including (but not limited to):

Green2B - (Overhauled and made several pages)

Dragt Watersport (from scratch)

Celieplant, Bouquetnet (updates/tweaks)

And several other sites which I will be demonstrating on my website soon.

Web design

Portfoliosite (2015)

Previous visual design of my current portfolio site. Uses Anchor CMS. The theme is written from scratch. I overhauled the theme in early 2016 to make it look the way it does now.

Web design

Portfoliosite (2014)

2014 version of my portfolio site. Built in pure HTML5 and CSS3. Adapts accordingly to mobile phones (responsive).

Web design

Portfoliosite (2013)

2013 version of my portfolio site. Built in pure HTML5 and CSS3.

Web design


Website for professional photographer Patricia Bollen. In this version of the site, a lot of text has been removed/shortened and the site has received a visual update. The entire website is actually getting a complete overhaul soon and will be moved to a CMS rather than relying on my own custom code.

Game music

Game soundtrack: Punch Club

Link to game on Steam

Made in 2015-2016

This is the music I made for the indie game Punch Club. (Part of the game's soundtrack wasn't done by me, but the ones above are.)

Game music

Game soundtrack: Bit Odyssey

Link to game on Steam

Made in 2014

Soundtrack for indie game Bit Odyssey.

Game music

Game soundtrack: Sir Boingers

Link to game

Made in 2011-2012

The music for one of my games, Sir Boingers.

Game music

Game soundtrack: Kefka's Revenge

Link to game

Made in ~2008

Soundtrack for an old Final Fantasy 6 fan game known as Kefka's Revenge.

Game music

Free songs for use in games

Made in 2011.

Licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, which means they can basically be used in any project, commercial or not.

Web design

Tumblr blog theme

Tumblr page

Custom theme on my Tumblr blog, based on another theme that I heavily modified over time. I tried fixing some of Tumblr's usability and design flaws too.

Web design

Patriciabollen.nl (2015)

Live version

I coded the website of professional photographer Patricia Bollen. It's coded from scratch in PHP, HTML5 and CSS. This is the 2015 theme.

Web design

Drupal prototype for Kerckebosch

Prototype for a school project with the company Kerckebosch. Graphics by Ruud de Voys.